Celebrate Canada 150

Participants and spectators are encouraged to celebrate Canada 150 during the annual spring event. Participants are encouraged to enter their craft or costume with a Canadian theme, while spectators are invited to dress in ‘Red and White’to celebrate Canada 150 with us.

10AM – Kayaks and Canoes

Eligible for fastest times in each category.

  • Single Kayak
  • Double Kayak
  • Single Canoe
  • Double Canoe

11AM – Crazy Craft

A ‘crazy craft’ is a craft that has been built from multiple different items and components to form a floating vessel. Canoes, Kayaks and other inflatable boats, or single component crafts which have not received major modification will NOT be classified as a crazy craft, and as such will not be eligible for prizes in the crazy craft category.

  • Fastest time
  • Best Costume
  • Most Number of Crew
  • Judges Favourite
  • Crowd Favorite
  • Youth (Under 19)