2024 Rules

The race is organized by the “Float your Fanny Down the Ganny” Committee, and thus all Rules and Regulations are at their discretion.


Canoes & Kayaks

  • Ages 5-10 accompanied by an adult in vessel
  • Ages 11-13 accompanied by an adult on river
  • Ages 13+ can paddle solo (with parental signature)


  • Ages 8-10 accompanied by an adult on a Floaty designed for multiple people
  • Ages 11-13 accompanied by an adult on the river
  • Ages 13+ can Float solo (with parental signature)


  • Every participant will be required to read and sign the waiver and release forms at the start line Accreditation.
  • Life jackets must be worn by all participants
  • No alcohol or drugs are permitted before or during the event
  • No water balloons (for environmental and safety reasons)
  • Wetsuits are highly recommended
  • Participants are to exit the river at the finish just below the Barrett Street Bridge

Floaty Craft

  • A Floaty is a soft structure requiring air to keep its dimensions. (Styrofoam is
    not a Floaty)
  • Floaties can be joined together with a flexible material such as rope, or a cloth
    material. No solid pieces can be used.
  • Multiple people can be on one Floaty (just make sure it still floats).
  • A rope must be attached to aid in removal and rescue.
  • Floaty must be able to be carried by the number of people on the craft.
  • The depth of the river requires you to FLOAT on top and not drag through the
    water, so ensure you fit on top of your Floaty.


  • Floaters must take responsibility for removing craft and their debris from the river at the end of the race.
  • Failure to remove craft and associated debris may result in charges for the recovery and disposal of the craft, and the refusal of entry in future events.


  • All floaters must be ‘accredited’ upon arrival at their start location
  • All floaters must present/wear a lifejacket at accreditation
  • All floaters will be required to sign a waiver and media release form at accreditation
  • All floaters will be presented with a wrist band which must be worn during the event.
  • The wrist band is required to be eligible for draw prizes.
  • All groups must have one pit crew person at the time of accreditation to collect vehicle pass. See ‘Support Crew’ section.

Number Bibs

  • Each Floaty will be given a numbered Bib, which the Floater (person) must wear.
  • Canoe/Kayaks will receive numbered bibs that must be worn on the outside of all clothing and lifejackets. This bib must be presented to the finish of race in the event village. Only then will the time stop for the canoe or kayak.

Support Crew

  • Vehicle access to the Event Village and Cavan Street will be restricted to pass holders only. See road closure information on the website.
  • Each group of craft is entitled to one (1) Vehicle Pass to remove the craft from the pit area when the team is ready to remove their craft.
  • There will be no parking available at the event village, and if the craft being picked up is not ready then the vehicle will be asked to move on.
  • Each group must have at least one Pit Crew at accreditation to collect a Vehicle Pass.


  • Please remember that the spring spawning season is taking place so when entering the river, do so with care, stay in your craft and do not walk down the gravel beds as that is where the trout are spawning.
  • Water balloons are no longer allowed, due to the burst balloons ending up along the river banks and in Lake Ontario. All balloons will be removed from all craft at the start area. Please encourage all spectators not to use water balloons, however water guns are allowed 🙂