Participant Shuttle Buses

Float Your Fanny will provide the following free shuttles for participants leaving from the far west end on the Jack Burger Sports Complex Car Park. This is for the use of participants who have already dropped their craft at a start, and are returning to town with their vehicle before using the shuttle to get back to either start location.

Departure Times:
08:15, 08:45, 09:15, 09:45 – Canton and Sylvan Glen Starts
10:15, 10:45 – Sylvan Glen Only (Crazy Craft)

CANOES & KAYAKS ONLY – Please ensure you are on a shuttle by 09:15 to ensure you get to Canton before the start of the race.

There will not be shuttle back to the start areas after the race so please allow time to make this trip before you float.

Shuttles will running from Fannyville (finish line) back to Jack Burger Sports Complex all day. Final shuttle will depart Fannyville at 3:30PM.